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Gear Guide

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Appropriate full coverage clothing incl Weather/Rain Gear
(white colors are a must)

Hat,  Sunglasses,  Sunscreen

Comfortable Shoes 
(sturdy shoes or boots w/ ankle protection)

Gloves (blaze or safety orange)

Whistle (w/ break-away lanyard)

Backpack or Track Bucket to carry
supplies, munchies, liquids, trinkets, etc.

Beverage Cooler


Hearing Protection  /  Safety Glasses

Rope (minimum 20' length)

Folding Chair

Cutting Tool

Fire Extinguisher

First Aid Kit

Scanner w/ Headphones

Binoculars  /  Stopwatch

Photo courtesy of TurboJohn's Racing Mall                                                                              
pictured is Kip Clayton - South Carolina Region SCCA F&C Chief                                                                                                                   

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