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Aug - September 2001

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Thanks and a request from Debbie Martens

 Thank you so much for your efforts to recruit workers for the regional at Grattan this weekend (July 21 22), however the race was cancelled due to low car counts and low worker turnout. I truly appreciate the effort, though. Please pass on this information to your workers.

I would like to extend a personal invitation to you and your workers to attend the inaugural 1000K of Gingerman on September 15 & 16. The endurance race will run on Saturday beginning at 10:00am, with a time certain finish of 8:00pm should the lead car not complete the full 1000K. We are planning a pig roast for Saturday night, there will be shirts and other giveaways for all of the workers, and many other goodies are in store. In addition, we are offering double worker points for the endurance race!

More information is available on the 1000K site at http://www.1000kgingerman.com./ I hope to see you there!

Thank you once again for your assistance.

Debbie Martens
Chief of F&C
Detroit Region SCCA

Porsche Club Event  (fee, food, fun)

 We still don't have enough people for the relaxing, refreshing, & sponsored Porsche Club event at Gingerman August 4 & 5. This event is up against the Meadowbrook Vintage (registration closed), so we can use all the additional help we can get. The Porsche Club as usual will take care of us. They get hotel rooms, meals & are extremely friendly & cooperative. (Like the black flag themselves if they've

misbehaved & come into the pits for their discussion, they also LISTEN to blue flags). If you would like to attend this event, please sign up at the
MTM website or contact me at 248/543-5227 or mailto:wilperez@corecomm.net

Willy Perez


Marshals are race's guardian angels

As MICHAEL GRANGE writes, it's the job of volunteers to spot potential trouble on the track. 'Those guys on the corners are our eyes out there.'

Globe and Mail
Saturday, July 14, 2001
Page S1


When Barbara Coburn goes away for the weekend the earth vibrates beneath her feet. The air crackles with the concussion of cars whipping by at more than 300 kilometres an hour. Her days end with her eardrums buzzing and her skin covered in flecks of rubber and loose asphalt.

The retired kindergarten teacher from Windsor loves every minute of it. For nearly 20 years Coburn and her husband have been part of a dedicated army of volunteers who are as integral to events such as this weekend's Molson Indy as the drivers who careen through the twisty streets or the pit crews who tend to the car's every need.

They are race marshals. Clad in white shirts and white pants, armed with flags and radio, they are stationed at various points around the track. Their role is to observe every inch of the 1.755-mile circuit for anything -- a spray of oil or a stray bolt -- that can affect drivers or the race.

"It's a very close relationship between the drivers and the marshals," says Dario Franchitti, the Team Kool Green driver who will be trying to win his second Molson Indy tomorrow afternoon. "We may have never met,

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