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July - October 2001

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I had a chance to attend a preview of the new Sly Stallone CART movie Driven
last night at the Southfield Star Theater.

If you know nothing about racing it would be a fun movie. However, I still
remember some things about racing and I was picking it apart as I watched.
Maybe I was just being too critical. If you go see it just don't go in
thinking it will be totally realistic because it doesn't mirror the real
thing in my opinion.

Grand Prix set the standard in the 60's and to this day is still hard to beat for realistic racing action and excellent cinematography.

The things that Driven has going for it include racing scenes from places most of you have been and it is shown on a screen bigger than any of us have
in our living rooms. There are also the requisite hot babes, too, including several appearances by the Hawaiian Tropic Girls.

One cool thing about the preview is that Roberto Moreno was at the theater signing autographs. He was there with one of the Visteon CART 'show cars'
and a couple of Hooter's girls. He looked pretty bored signing autographs but perked up quite a bit when I congratulated him on his win in Cleveland last year. Then we talked about karting for a bit which is one of the
hobbies that he participates in on a regular basis to stay sharp.

If you go to the movie enjoy it for what it is and don't expect a lot in terms of realism.

Bob Ross

Info on Additional Michigan Race

The Detroit Region SCCA is proud to announce the 1st annual running of the 1000 Kilometers of GingerMan, September 15th-16th at GingerMan Raceway, in South Haven, MI. For full details of the event, check: www.1000Kgingerman.com. Running concurrent with the 1000 Kilometers of GingerMan at GingerMan Raceway will be the Detroit SCCA sponsored CENDIV regional races which will include, as a new feature, a FF/CFF East/West Challenge Series race. We highly encourage your support and participation for what promises to become a successful, annual tradition. Please forward this message to any persons who might have an interest in working, racing, sponsoring or spectating at this unique event.

Thank you,
Jeremy Sutton
Race Chairman - 1000 Kilometers of GingerMan

Someone asked what is F&C?

 Flagging and Communications (F&C)

SCCA members who volunteer for F&C have the second best seat at the event. 

They are the communicators. They signal the driver of many different situations and conditions through the use of flags. They are the eyes and ears of Control and the Operating Stewards. The accurate, concise and precise information they relay is the substance of good decision making by Stewards. They let other stations know conditions and needed warnings for drivers.

Flagging and Communications personnel, at many events, are usually the first safety responders to incidents. Their primary fire fighting skills are honed at fire and rescue schools held by all SCCA Regions. They convey, often by unique hand signals, what is needed at an incident. They recognize their prime responsibility is for the safety of all concerned.

F&C people are the witnesses to the facts and as such write the Witness Statements needed for consideration by the Stewards. They must convey accurate information from their perspective knowing that their writings may have significant ramifications for competitors.

During off sessions they are SCCA’s fenceline ambassadors who invite spectators to join. They will share information to help the spectator better appreciate the sport and more so the flagging and communications aspect. People of all walks of life come together in Flagging and Communications with a special camaraderie and sense of usefulness to the sport.

The Flagging and Communications members are team players with many other specialties that are all needed to make SCCA events happen. When asked why they are involved in this specialty the immediate response is -  “the people”. They weather the elements for the love of the sport and ensure the safety of the competitors and other volunteers.

UN-shameless promotion

(no longer shameless as the MTM service fee of $25 has been paid)

Don’t forget the SCCA Valvoline RunoffsÒ date has been moved up to warmer weather. Reserve September 17 – 23. A great deal of fun is had by all. The F&C volunteer contingent is the largest and they need 205 volunteers to ensure staffing for the entire week. Practice, qualifying and 24 great races all in one location. Who could ask for more?

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