Michigan Turn Marshals Newsletter
March-April 2000

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Plan your life for the 2000 Season

Included in this newsletter is a listing of the MTM events for this season. A great variety of venues are available to join with friends to enjoy motorsport and camaraderie while helping.

You enjoy it so why not recruit others to take the training from Willy Perez and Don Tessmer.

Event Announcements

Phil and I were going through the schedule today and would like to include the following in the next newsletter:

1. INR National at Gingerman
April 29th and 30th
Chief: Phil Schilke

2. Formula SAE at Silverdome
Friday, May 19th – workers needed for morning events (7 am) and afternoon solo competition (11 am)
Saturday, May 20th – workers needed for endurance competition (arrival time 7 am)
Chief: Phil Schilke
F&C Events Coordinator: Nancy Schilke
or call Nancy at 734-697-8255 (w)

 Phil & Nancy Schilke

* ( :


Newest MTM family member

Heather Kathleen Johnson became a Big Sister today, Friday at 10:03 AM. Erin Elizabeth Johnson checked it at 6.9 lbs. and 20 in. long..  Somewhat on the small side but thats easy for me to say.  Maren would say that’s big enough.  Mother and new baby are doing fine and due to come home from the hospital on Sunday.  Myself, I'm justifiably proud and exhausted.


Contributed by Rich Johnson J


 The question often arises what the new insurance limits, requirements and benefits are for marshals. You can check this out by going to the SCCA internet site. In the section that holds the Newsletters to Regional Executives is a non-proprietary article on the changes and continuing insurance by SCCA of their members.

CEN-DIV Stewards- F&C Workers Seminar

 March 4 – 5, 2000

Holiday Inn City Center

South Bend, Indiana

 Contact: Liz Eslaire (219) 483-7266 {5-9 p.m.)

$55 (including $10 late fee)

 People who are in attendance may wish to share the outcomes of any deliberations and workshops.

Member’s News

MTM Member Gary Barnard has accepted a position of Manager of Racing Operations with Championship Auto Racing Teams, Inc. Congratulations are extended to Gary.

Shared by Gary Barnard J


Jim Ohanesian after 27 Years with Meijer Stores has joined The Home Depot. Jim sounds really happy about his new jobs. Yes plural – “jobs” Our MTM member of long standing will be the Starter for the Indy Lights Series of CART.

Contributed Priscilla Ohanesian J


Our MTM President pro-tem, Gordon Ensing has changed jobs since the passing of the West Michigan Grand Prix. He is in charge of the Grand Rapids Division of Forberg Scientific Corporation. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a wealth of holidays. This will hamper his involvement but not his interest in some racing events.

Shared Gordon Ensing J


Bill & Mara Gamalski were recently married. Bill is the “flagger” that went through Driver’s School last year in his ITA GLH (#48 Black) Omni, and of course Mara is our lovely and enthusiastic “ambulance gal” who has been with us for several years. The best part…...they met at the track!  As their extended Waterford family, let’s all wish them the very best of luck.

Contributed by Brian Bennett J



There is a need for contributions to be made. Only if there are contributors will there be articles. Send them to Dick Coburn thecoburns@sympatico.ca

How about sending  2 –3 paragraphs about most favorite memories, history or experiences as an MTM member.                                                                                                L J K

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