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May - June 1998

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So Many Races…

This issue of MTM News comes to you……LATE! After five race weekends in a row (I know….WHAH WHAH!!), I took this one off to rejuvenate and, of course, write what you are reading today.


Needless to say, the worker reply form includes an event that is nipping at our heels. The vintage weekend at Grattan is a 3-day event that will require a bunch of us. So, after you finish catching up on the news, PLEASE take a few minutes to get your reply to Nancy Schilke. To help speed up the process, you can either e-mail Nancy at nlschlk@megsinet.net or reply via the MTM web page at http://www.concentric.net/~Tbateman.


The National at Grattan is August 8-9. Dave Johnston is the chief once again for this one, and promises another trivia contest this year. He has the questions prepared and is gathering some prizes. However, he could use a few more. So….if you have something you can donate, Dave will be most appreciative.


If you usually travel to Grattan from Plainfield Road, I have some travel information from Sue Beauvais that you will need to know. Highway 44 is under construction. This is the road you take from Plainfield Road to the track. Sue suggests taking 10 Mile Road instead. Rather than making the usual right turn onto 44, continue on to 10 Mile Road, which is two traffic lights further, in Rockford. Turn right (there's a McDonald's on the corner) and continue to Lessiter Road, then turn right again to get to the track.

The Detroit Grand Prix

I am using my E-Mail News feature to cover this year's Detroit Grand Prix. I asked those of you who are on my e-mail address list (sorry, if I missed you…my personal address list frequently gets neglected!!) for your impressions. Here's what you had to say:

Mike Burke

' "Time Certain" scheduling is the best thing CART ever did for workers. '

Barb and Dick Coburn

' Detroit Grand Prix – Fond Pond Memories

We knew as we volunteered at new Turn 12 (old 13) we’d be overlooking the pond and river and we would feel a shiver. The cool damp conditions were rough but we were happy we could loan sweaters as a foreign aid project.

Speaking of foreign aid, Barb was involved in shuttle diplomacy as she picked up people at the airport.

Thursday’s fence cutting and phone checks were super efficient under the slave driving of Don Tessmer. The warm shower at Willy’s lodging was appreciated. How many workers do fit in a shower, Willy? The registration party and the Region’s tokens of appreciation were both great.

The station visitations by the Chiefs during the weekend was an excellent idea which made sure all worked well and all workers felt supported. Turn 12 was a great place to see racing under braking. Almost all behaved themselves well. '

Karen Genslak

' Good weekend, same old transportation problems getting off the island. This was my first pro event working with Willy "the magnet" Perez. After the driver's learned the right hander at turn 3, they were remarkably well behaved, or was Willy just not using his power? Tuesday afternoon following the race found Jim Crider and I at the Sports Medicine Clinic, Jim's "sprained" wrist from his fall chasing Simo is actually a fractured distal radius. He will be in a short arm cast for 6-8 weeks. As he cannot get a glove over the cast, he had a dayglow orange cast applied, so he's ready to work the turns. '

Dave Johnston

' Most of mine can't be repeated! Anyway, here's one:

" What do you mean there are no wreckers on the track. What the @#$%! is that? A Stealth Wrecker going to bomb Toledo??!! "

Just as the Trans Am practice started, I watched a wrecker going from turn #3 to #5 that according to emergency dispatch wasn't there!! '

Nancy Johnson

' One thing I heard is that "the Neons were going through turn 3 four cars wide – just like Ben Hur!"

I had a great time, the turn 13 group was fun. I finally got my picture taken with Paul Newman! (Now I wish I had asked him to remove his sunglasses....) '

Doug Mitchell

' Time Certain scheduling is great. It was wonderful being done for the day on time on Friday.

At least the Barber-Dodge guys kept their enthusiasm under control. Unlike the Barber-Saabs.

I lost our corner pool on the number of laps that the TransAm would run under green. I figured 17 laps. Boy was I wrong. Even these guys were pretty clean this year. '

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