Michigan Turn Marshals Newsletter
May-September 2000

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The importance of the marshals’ calls:


Guidelines to All CenDiv Competitors and Officials

FROM: Kent Williamson, SCCA Exec. Steward

Basic guidelines for 2000  Operating procedures.

(provided by “Autograph” – INR publication)


Passing under the yellow: We will use this definition:

The yellow zone: "will start at the plane of the flag at its nearest intersection with the track at its shortest distance. The same applies to the incident. This marks the beginning and end of the control zone". Pass: "The passing car having achieved an advantage, however slight, over the overtaken car". Please read the definitions in the GCR concerning the obligations of the car passing and the car being passed ‑ there is new wording this year.

The following are actions to be taken by the Chief Steward in the form of a Chief Steward's Action for a pass under yellow.

Practice: Black Flag (open) and the session is ended for the competitor.

Qualifying: Black Flag (closed) loss of qualifying times.

Race: Black Flag (closed) time or lap penalty sufficient to affect finishing position.

Contact made: Above plus Request For Action  consider DQ

Injury: Above plus Request For Action consider DQ and suspension.

Pass made under Full Course Yellow: Automatic Referral to SOM (RFA)  4 race probation (minimum).

Rough driving (metal to metal contact):

Both continue: Chief Steward's Action or Request For Action  Time or lap penalty to move behind other competitor.

Offender continues other does not: DQ plus RFA.


Retirement Announcement:
Jake and I are retiring from racing .... (we're sad!)
Vivian had bilateral knee replacement in January and we felt this would be a good time to do something else. (Don't know what will be more fun than racing.)

We would like to say we have enjoyed the many years we have worked the "Detroit races" and all the wonderful friends we have there. Please tell everyone we will miss seeing them and that our door is always open for any who need a place to stay when traveling through Knoxville.
Come see us,
Vivian and Jake Shoemaker


News from the country:

Got your e:mailed MTM Newsletter. Looks like this should save MTM 32 cents. I'm very disappointed about losing the West MI GP. Had a lot of fun there the past two years. I'm up in bfe (Alpena). Nice up here. Rose and I bought a place on Lake Huron - pretty cool. They say this is God's country. Obviously, God is not a city boy. There are two tracks within an hour and a half drive, both 1/4 mile ovals (dirt, I think) in Onaway (which way?) farther north and Whittemore (farther south). We'll probably check them out, chew tobacco and hoot and holler some Saturday night this summer. Look forward to seeing y'all (oops) in Detroit.

John Darin J K L

Planning Ahead – Next Year’s MTM Winter Party

I (Rob LaMoreaux) offered earlier to host next years party. I should have the space since all the Lotus parts should be back into the car by then. I'm conveniently located 3 blocks from US-23 and Washtenaw Rd in Ann Arbor, and there is plenty of street parking on my residential (25 MPH) street. I also have a 1/32nd scale slot car track sitting on the pool table in the basement for racing entertainment.

As far as dates go, I have trouble thinking a month ahead let alone a year ahead, but I tend to be flexible.

Rob LaMoreaux
4096 Central Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Hotels near the tracks:

GingerMan http://www.gingermanraceway.com/

Go to the GingerMan Raceway site and check the item “Lodging at the bottom of the page


Grattan http://www.wmr-scca.gen.mi.us/grtinfo.htm

Grand Rapids is about 30 minutes away from Grattan Raceway. Here are some of the motels that support us (and give you a discount).

President Inn 3221 Plainfield in Grand Rapids

(800) 445-5004 (616) 363-0800
Holiday Inn North 270 Ann St in Grand Rapids

(616) 363-9001
Greenville Motor Inn 1104 W. Washington Greenville, MI (616) 754-3668

Vintage Sport Car Drivers Association (VSCDA)

July 7, 8 & 9            Vintage Race   GingerMan

August 18, 19 & 20                           Vintage Race                  Grattan


Contact Gordon Ensing for more details at Ensgc@worldnet.att.net  or (616) 784-6905


CART Event is Back for 2000 AD

June 16-18 SCCA Detroit Region and CART will be hosting the Detroit Grand Prix which will be held on Belle Isle – Detroit Contact Tom Bateman who is serving as Chief of Flagging and Communications for this event.

Taskmaster Don Tessmer will organize fence cutting as per usual. This is usually done on Thursday starting at 8:30 AM at Start/Finish. A radio check of the system is also done on that day.

               Invitations to work the race have already been forwarded by Bob Pierson and many will have already received their letters of acceptance.


Watch the MTM site for assignments and meeting information http://www.concentric.net/%7Etbateman/


Formula SAE – THANKS!

               The event was held at the Pontiac Silverdome on the days and dates: FRI  May 19 (damp) and Sat  May 20

               Experienced marshals were appreciated for this event, as there were many novice volunteers who appreciated your guidance. Thanks were expressed by the organizers  Event Chief: Phil Schilke & F&C Events Coordinator: Nancy Schilke


Phil & Nancy Schilke  * ( : J

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