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October 15, 2000 Direction Meeting Minutes

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        Meeting was called to order by Gordon Ensing at 12:10 p.m. Attending were Grant & Liz Wilcox, Phil & Nancy Schilke, John Jordan, Gordon Ensing, Verne Wandell Tom Allen, Dick Coburn, Melissa Wojciechowski, Bob La Moreaux, and Dave Hertzberg.

        New MTM direction Proposal by Willy Perez, 2nd Nancy Schilke. To reinvent MTM per GCR 6.15 as an organization providing leadership, training, recruiting, along with finding the funding for. We would provide mailers soliciting workers for race events. Motion passes 10 aye, 1 nay.

        Training We want to provide cohesive, consistent training across the state for all workers. GCR requires fire school every two years.

        Motion Nancy Schilke, 2nd Verne Wandell. To have the MTM Executive Board consist of seven voting members. These would consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and 1 flagging representative selected by Detroit Region, Western Michigan Region, and WHRRI. Motion passes by acclimation.

        Motion Gordon Ensing, 2nd Liz Wilcox. To add to the MTM Board as non-voting members a Flagging representative from all the Racing Organizations that operate a Road Race in Michigan while using MTM. Motion passes 10 aye, 1 nay. Motion for rephrasing as in prior sentence by Liz Wilcox, 2nd Tom Allen. Motion passes 10 aye, 1 nay.

        Discussion was held on whether to appoint and/or elect board membership. The members attending wanted to keep the current members for the short term. Grant Wilcox volunteered to be an additional member at large, since Phil Schilke is Treasurer and Secretary at the moment. Verne Wandell is the WMR contact. Henry Hausler, Detroit Region Board member, will be working with us on appointing a chief. Nancy Schilke has been appointed by Detroit Region to be the temporary Region F&C administrator, until a Chief is appointed.

        Motion by Gordon Ensing, 2nd by Grant Wilcox, to have MTM Board elections held by Oct 1 2001, for offices to begin Nov 1, 2001. Terms would be for a 2-year period. Motion passes by acclimation.

        Need to appoint the following positions. Newsletter editor Dick Coburn volunteers to continue. Trash & Trinkets Chair (Tom Allen & Scott Whitehead to head up). Webmaster (Melissa Wojciechowski volunteers). Need recruitment chair (Debbie Martens volunteers for this) & training chairs. Database chairperson (Willy Perez volunteered). Verne Wandell volunteers to coordinate training. We would want input from Debbie Martens, Don Tessmer and Willy Perez on training guidelines and materials. Propose holding formal schools separate from a race event. Social coordinator should also be appointed. Worker awards discussed would want the executive (voting) board to handle this. Bob La Moreaux will host the Winter Party on February 17. Tom Allen will be the Social Coordinator. Verne Wandell and Gordon Ensing will work on flyers for training programs. Dave Hertzberg volunteers to help on printing flyers.

        Fees Need to look at restructuring the fees for membership. Discussion ensued on membership rates. Motion Grant Wilcox, 2nd Liz Wilcox, to raise MTM membership rates to $20, to cover current expenses. Motion Passes 7 to 3. Motion by Phil Schilke, 2nd Verne Wandell, to have to price increase take effect at the end of the 2001 season. Motion fails 5 to 7. Tom Allen to create membership packets to have available at all events.

        Fee for Newsletter listing was. Currently fee is $25. This provides for an article in the newsletter, along with a response form. There is an E-mail remailing a week ahead of the event. Gordon will send a letter to Racing organizations, to tell them what they receive in terms of worker lists to chiefs, along with listing in the newsletter. We also post a CENDIV Calendar highlighting MTM events. Willy Perez will talk to Blackie Myers on coordinating a potential Detroit Region Fire School.

            Submitted by Willy

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