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Pre-Season 2004 Newsletter


Here it Comes Again!

Racing season has already started in the warmer, lucky climates.  We will get things kicked off in road racing in mid April with our usual drivers schools.  All the F&C chiefs have been preparing for this new season for the last few months, making sure everything is better than it ever has been before.  There will be some fresh faces in some of the leadership positions, but weíll all have a great time.  Iím sure of it.


Speaking of Warmer ClimatesÖ

In case you hadnít heard, Bill and Wanda Wheeler have moved to Puryear, Tennessee.  From all of us at MTM we wish you folks happiness doing all those things that arenít racing.  Do come back and visit!


Winter Party Reminder!

Donít forget, this Saturday the 28th of February is our Annual Party.  Check out the website at http://www.michiganturnmarshals.org/WinterParty.htm for further information.  Many thanks to John Firment for letting us into his home!


Executive Positions Open

Itís time again for elections to the governing board for Michigan Turn Marshals. Anyone interested in any of the executive positions should email Scott Whitehead (mtmflagger@cogeco.ca) by February 28th, and attend the winter party on the 28th. 


Appointed Positions Open

Also, the positions of newsletter editor and Webmaster are available.  Please contact me, Dennis Hand, at hand1dj@cmich.edu if you are interested in the newsletter editorship.  I will give you as much assistance as you require compiling these newsletters.  Itís easy!  If you are proficient in HTML and wish to be our Webmaster, contact Melissa Wojciechowski at webmaster@michiganturnmarshals.org.  It is also recommended that you understand VBScript and JavaScript, but Melissa has offered to help with that.


Final Note from the Editor

Iíve had fun assembling these newsletters for the last two years.  As you have probably noticed, the newsletters seem to be fewer and farther between issues.  Classes are more work intensive as I get closer to that shiny diploma, and Iíve taken a position in an organization outside of racing (What? Life outside racing?), which takes up loads of time.  Iíll still be doing all the same events, and Iíll still be just as involved, if not more so, in Waterford and SCCA events.  Iíll see you all at the races!



Dave Martens has created a survey for the F&C heads to find out what they need to do better and what they do well.  Please take the time to complete the survey on the following pages.  Send the your answers to davemartens@highstream.net

Please E-mail your comments or suggestions to webmaster@michiganturnmarshals.org

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