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Oct 27-28, 2001


It snowed pretty much all day Saturday, but didn't stick to the pavement so it was more of a cold rain. The pace car spun on the pace lap in the FC/FF/S2 race...he'll never hear the end of that one.

Sunday was much warmer and no precipitation. 1 rollover in the enduro...it was a very graceful one too...everyone was  ok. We had a bit of an incident in the ITB race...One car (Rubber Chicken Racing) blew his engine at turn 4 and dumped all his oil on the entrance to 4. He then spun in his own oil and stopped off drivers right... on fire. I was working safety at turn 10 and saw the worker, Aereon,  from 4 put out the fire and get the driver back to the station. Turn 3 was showing debris for the oil, mud and water from that guy's spin. The drivers are racing WAY too hard through the 3&4 section so more chaos was unavoidable. Before the wrecker could arrive, one CRX spun in the oil and wacked the parked car, spinning CRX trunk into parked car's hood. He continued and we black flagged him immediately when he got around to turn 10. A blue BMW slid on the oil and stuck it headon into the tires by the escape road near turn 4.

Now the interesting part: 
A white VW Rabbit or something that looked like it slid through the oil and BARELY missed the wrecker that was hooking up the car that blew his engine. This rabbit stuffed it in the tires on the other side of the tires near turn 10, so I was quickly on my way to help him out. VERY carefully too, because more could slide off at any time. When I get to the rabbit, the driver is just getting himself out and we take a quick look to see what he'll need. Next thing I know, here comes the wrecker driver yelling at the driver I'm with. (This is still a hot track, by the way.. no full course yellow) The wrecker driver starts shouting "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL A YELLOW FLAG MEANS?" The worker from 4 who was helping the wrecker driver comes running over and grabs him, and I get a hold on my driver. The other worker steers the wrecker driver back toward his wrecker and I turn my driver toward the exit road and tell him "Man.. there's still a race going on..let's take care of this later." HOORAY! He agreed and was very cooperative!

They checkered the race at lap 16 and had a little driver's meeting about the meaning of flags. While I was putting the driver of the bmw in his car and getting him off the tires, and putting the rabbit driver back in his car...Out come the Chief Steward and another steward....WHY? Nobody was hurt..but the corner captain, Corky, demanded it! Oh well, it didn't slow down cleanup at all.

Dennis Hand

1999-2006 Michigan Turn Marshals
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